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The Online Experience

Is Online Learning for Me?

If you are a busy professional with a work schedule that makes it difficult to meet fixed class meeting times, this program is designed for you.

  • Active participation with a cohort of fellow students that encourages interaction and collaboration
  • A focused, modular curriculum that provides you with the right balance of flexibility and structure.
  • A highly engaging format that allows you to interact effectively with professor and fellow students.

But to succeed in this program, you must be comfortable with the following environment:

  • Because we have maximized flexibility and convenience, this program will require you to maintain discipline and motivation to stay engaged and participative.
  • Because of the online asynchronous format, the quality of your participation will depend on your ability to effectively communicate with others. You must be able to express yourself well in writing, and be motivated to use multimedia avenues for presentation of ideas and concepts
  • Perhaps most importantly, you must have ready access to a personal computer with broadband Internet access. You must also be comfortable engaging with the newest technology.
  • This is not an easy alternative to traditional classroom instruction. In fact, faculty and students find that online courses are every bit as, if not more, demanding than face-to-face instruction. You must be prepared to commit the requisite time and energy.

Will I Get the Services and Support I Need to Succeed?

This program is designed to assist you with every level of service that you would expect from a traditional classroom program.

  • A custom-designed program and class website containing up-to-date announcements and news.
  • A customer-friendly advising team that is committed to help you with all aspects of your program.
  • A full slate of career advancement services provided through our Business Placement Center.