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Strategic Analytics, M.S.

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence have arrived. Analytics is very much a part of today’s complex business environment.

We now have the capability to collect an almost unlimited amount of data, but the question then becomes, “What do we do with it?” That’s what analytics is all about – knowing how to turn volumes of data into usable information to make better business decisions.

Analytics is the future of business and we are here to make sure our graduates are prepared to lead the way in this growing field. Analysts are highly sought in today’s business world. That’s great to know when you’re planning a career and looking for the potential for advancement!

This program is unique in that it applies leading-edge analytics techniques and artificial intelligence to solve business problems. We know of no other programs that have the artificial intelligence component in the College of Business and Analytics. In addition, we have a course that focuses specifically on ethical issues in analytics and artificial intelligence.

Our Master of Science in Strategic Analytics is a comprehensive program that prepares students for management and executive careers that utilize data-based decision making. Our students learn to apply leading-edge analytics techniques and artificial intelligence to business solutions. Having an executive-level ability to provide analytics-driven data and decision-making skills adds value to companies by impacting the bottom line through:

  • Increasing sales
  • Identifying innovation opportunities
  • Forecasting financial performers
  • Understanding financial drivers and in other ways

Be a leader in the business world of today and the future. Position yourself for success with SIU’s M.S. in Strategic Analytics!