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Master of Business Administration

The online Master of Business Administration program at Southern Illinois University attracts students from throughout the world who aspire to become tomorrow's business leaders. Taught by highly respected faculty with national and international reputations, the online degree offers a rigorous graduate program delivered in an engaging, technologically advanced format.

The online M.B.A. program has been designed to accommodate the needs of experienced working professionals with a number of key features.

  • All materials are sent to your physical or digital doorstep. These are included in the cost of your tuition. You never have to worry about hunting down old or used copies of textbooks.
  • We provide you with customer service oriented staff who will guide you through your program, and assist you should the unforeseen impede you. We have worked with full-time professionals for years and have accommodated people through life’s unexpected ups and downs.
  • We run the program in cohorts so you stick with a small group of professionals throughout your program of study. This allows you to form meaningful connections with similarly minded peers from across the country and world.
  • We include professional development courses designed to map the trajectory of your own path as well as that of your organization.

Students have the option of completing a General M.B.A. degree (with no concentration) OR they can choose to complete a concentration in Analytics for Managers.

M.B.A., Analytics for Managers

We live in exciting times. In every sector of the economy, we are accumulating unprecedented amounts of data. Analytics is the discipline that has emerged to help us make sense out of these mountains of data: in retail; in service industries; in the healthcare industry; in financial markets, etc. Data Analytics, and its sister, artificial intelligence are now steering strategic decision making everywhere. And, there are not nearly enough people trained to manage this revolutionary development in the production of business data.

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale’s College of Business and Analytics created the oM.B.A. concentration in Analytics for Managers to prepare students to fill this void and to make a meaningful impact in industry. Managers who know and understand how to implement analytics are needed in every business sector: healthcare, marketing, manufacturing, engineering, logistics, retail, hospitality, financial services etc. Our oMBA analytics concentration puts leading-edge developments in artificial intelligence, prediction and data visualization on top of a solid MBA foundation.

Benefits of an M.B.A. with an Analytics for Managers concentration from the SIU College of Business and Analytics

  1. Students in this program have access to and are supported by top analytics experts through the Pontikes Center for Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.
  2. As one of the fastest-growing fields in business, analytics presents exciting career opportunities. Our unique program provides the training you need to take advantage of these opportunities in a wide variety of industries and companies.
  3. Through our oM.B.A. analytics concentration, you will learn how to manage the process of converting large amounts of collected data into valuable and useful information. 
  4. Our program combines traditional MBA courses with analytics courses prepare you to manage the connection of data and people.
  5. This 100 percent online program is designed for working professionals. We provide the flexibility you need to balance your career and your education.