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Our online format delivers 16 courses in less than 2 years. Each core course is designed to be delivered over 8 weeks. Students take only one core course at a time, to focus all of their energies on one subject. Fall and spring semesters involve two core courses, delivered sequentially each 8-week term with a minimum of one-week break between each course. The summer semester involves one core course. There are generous breaks between the summer and fall semesters and for the winter holiday period.

Each core course consists of 8 modules delivered one per week. A module goes live on a Sunday evening and assignments are due the following Sunday night. Depending upon the course and the instructor's objectives, a student may watch videos, collaborate on group-based team projects, participate in threaded discussions groups, and complete online assessment exercises. Students will receive assigned readings in digital format. All activities within a module are designed for asynchronous participation, meaning that a student works on his/her own schedule and own terms.

In addition to core courses, each semester students also take one managerial skill course. These courses are also presented in 8 modules, but are delivered once every 2 weeks, spanning the 16 week semester in fall and spring, and one module each week for the 8-week summer semester. These courses cover a variety of fundamental skill topics impacting leadership development as well as career advancement.

Optional Concentration

Students have the option of completing a General M.B.A. degree (with no concentration) OR they can choose to complete a concentration in Analytics for Managers.


We strongly believe that an online masters program works best when students are closely connected to a cohort of their peers. In this program, you progress through the coursework with the same set of fellow students. Although you are separated through the distance-learning format, our program's strong reliance on a cohort-structure can effectively provide the support you need to succeed and to build a network of known and trusted associates. This environment not only allows the development of a strong network of support, but it reinforces the importance of collaboration and teamwork. Each cohort also has a minimum of two dedicated teaching assistants who assist faculty and students throughout their coursework.