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ABE Curriculum

The Online MBA with a concentration in Agribusiness Economics involves a commitment to a twenty-three month, 43-credit graduate management curriculum delivered entirely via the Internet. Using the most up-to-date digital technology, you participate in class activities, access course material, and receive an engaging program every bit as rigorous as our on-campus coursework.  

Listed below are the courses specific to Agribusiness Economics.  These courses will be intermixed with core MBA coursework.

ABE 500 - Agribusiness Economics Research Methodology

Research methodology as used in agriculture, including research problem definition, hypothesis formation, research design specification and development of research proposals. Both survey methodology and applied techniques, i.e. multiple regression and time series models, for developing and evaluating agricultural economic models are investigated.  Credits: 3

ABE 544 - Agricultural Development

Students are introduced to economic growth and development theory at an intermediate level. Topics include trends in development in North America and study of theories. The economic theories covered address how growth occurs in developed economies including classical and neoclassical, central place and endogenous growth theories among others. Prerequisites: 6 hours of agribusiness or general economics, geography, or consent of instructor. Credits: 3

ABE 571 - Resource Allocation in the Agribusiness Firm

An examination of resource allocation in the agribusiness firm. Production decisions, agricultural product price analysis and decision making models are considered. Student cannot receive credit for ABE 571 if credit has been received for ABE 471. Prerequisite: six hours of agricultural economics or economics. Special approval needed from the instructor.  Credits: 3

ABE 572 - Problems and Policies of the Agricultural Sector

An analytical survey of agricultural policy issues including agricultural price and income stabilization; international trade, capital and credit, the structure of agriculture and the quality of life in rural areas. Student cannot receive credit for ABE 572 if credit has been received for ABE 472. Prerequisite: six hours of agricultural economics or economics. Special approval needed from the instructor. Credits: 3