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Optional MBA Concentrations

Students have the option of completing a General MBA degree (with no concentration) OR they can choose to complete a concentration in Agribusiness Economics, expected to launch in Fall 2016.

MBA, Agribusiness Economics

In partnership with the College of Agricultural Sciences we have developed an online MBA with a concentration in agribusiness economics. Earning an MBA from the SIU College of Business with a concentration in agribusiness economics prepares you for the unique management challenges in  agribusiness firms.  This program is designed specifically for the student who desires a career in the dynamic business environment of modern agribusiness. 

The business courses are taught by many of the same esteemed faculty that teach our on-campus courses.  The four specialized agribusiness courses are taught by the highly respected faculty within the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Benefits of an MBA with an agribusiness economics focus from the SIU College of Business

  1. Degree will arm you with a competitive advantage for managerial careers in the field of agribusiness economics such as banking and finance, business management, farm appraisal, farm management, market and policy analysis, grain merchandising and much more.
  2. You will earn your AACSB accredited degree in under 2 years.
  3. The program is 100% online, no need to travel to campus.
  4. The program is designed for working professionals.  We provide the flexibility you need to balance your career and your education. 
  5. Fewer than 10 public universities in the United States offer an agribusiness concentration as part of their MBA program.